2018 August 08 Wednesday

2018 August 08 Wednesday in Grimes Iowa


I woke around 4:45, got out of bed and began straightening the covers on my side. Though she seldom stirs when I do this, today Ella asked what time it was. When I told her she said, “I’m not getting up. Well I’m getting up, but not staying up.” And proceeded to go into the bathroom. While she was up I finished making my side of the bed and dressed.

After closing the bedroom door, I turned on lights in the kitchen and started a dozen eggs to boil. I’ve discovered the way to have perfect boiled eggs (neither soft yokes nor green from over cooking). Completely cover the eggs with cold water then, over medium low heat, bring it just to a boil. Turn off the heat and let the water cool for at least twenty minutes. I then refrigerate until needed.

Once the eggs were done, I got my laptop and sat at the table to work on the coming week’s sermon. I opened the window share so that I could see the sky it was still quite dark.

As I wrote, I also kept an eye on the sky. About 5:15 a little color began to appear.

by 6:00 the sky looked like this.

By 6:20 it looked like this.

Ella got up and we are breakfast about eight.

We meet up with the hand for coffee as usual.

Went to the senior center for games and lunch as usual

Liver and onions for lunch. I scraped the onions from mine because of a food allergy.

Played bingo after lunch.

Went to Village Inn for pie with term of our friends.

Rested a shirt time before going to the adult center for Mexican Train.

Went from playing dominoes back to Village Inn to visit with Lyn.

Got home about 11:15. Long day.

G’nite y’all!

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