2018 August 09 Thursday

2018 August 09 Thursday in Grimes Iowa

76° and sunny by the time I got up.

No Sunrise photo today because I slept in. Around four this morning my phone fell from the shelf over the bed and landed on my nose! That is not the kind of wake up call I expect. So I went back to sleep until reawakening about quarter after seven. By then the sun had already risen.

My blood work all looked good today. Glucose was a little high but after eating that huge piece of sour cream raisin pie last night, I wasn’t surprised unfortunately my eating habits got out of whack this week and the scale showered a gain.

Most of the usual game were there for coffee this morning.

Then lunch and games at the senior center.

meatloaf supper at Cutty’s Cafe this evening



G’nite y’all!

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