2018 August 13 Monday

2018 August 13 Monday in Grimes Iowa

66° and hazy at the day’s beginning.

Hives aren’t any fun. Last night I kept finding myself scratching at the rash, which I’m not supposed to do. I told Ella that I needed one of those cones they put on dogs to keep them from bitting at the itches. She said, “except they’d be on your hands.” I got up and put a pair of socks on my hands. It worked okay over night. But I don’t think I can work at the fee booth with socks (or gloves) on hands.

Here are my life savers for today.

I’ve taken my steroid tablet for the day, and the first Benadryl.

Filed under thank you God. I got in Rudolf the red nosed pickup this morning, pushed on the brake in preparation for starting. Pedal went all the way to the floor. I’m out of brake fluid.

Ella dropped my off at the fee booth and then went up to the cafe. Don, who works in maintenance, was there and put some break fluid in Rudolf. After work, I’ll buy a bottle and top it off.

As I comb my beard, some hairs are pulled out.

When I look at them, it’s easy to see why it becomes tangled.

The weather alert / civil defense Sirens started going off about 10: 39 this morning. I have no idea what reason it was. normally they check them at noon on the first Saturday of the month. and since this is neither noon or Saturday I’m really kind of confused about what’s going on. As I was typing this, Ella called to ask me why the Sirens were going off. I’ve checked the weather and there is nothing but sunshine and blue skies.

I never did find out the reason for the Sirens.

After work, I bought some brake fluid, filled the truck with gas and ran it through the car wash.

Ella had BBQed chicken thighs in the Crock-Pot and we had our lubber (lunch/supper) at about four o’clock. Q

I took more Benadryl and a nap that Can lasted until 7:30. It was nice to wake up before bedtime.

G’nite y’all!

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