2018 August 11 Saturday

2018 August 11 Saturday in Grimes Iowa

66­ and hazy this morning. The sun looks somehow fake this morning as if some cosmic prankster substituted an orange ball in place of the sun.


Thursday Cutty’s Campfire Cafe had a meatloaf dinner and it was very good. Unfortunately for me it was also full of onions.


I have a allergy to onions that causes anywhere from a mild scratchiness of the throat to swelling of the throat. I didn’t know that it was full of onion until Friday morning when I woke with a scratchy throat. It wasn’t severe just an irritant. There was a small piece of the meatloaf leftover and I took it for my supper at work last night. That has turned out to be an unwise choice. This morning I woke with a very sore and swollen throat and my lips are also swollen. In the photo I am not trying to accentuate the lips … that is just how they look this morning. Also I itch all over, which is something new.


It was feeding time at and below the bird feeders this morning. However, right after I took this photo, a grackle flew smack dab into the window with a loud thump. He was dazed but seemed okay. It did frighten the other creatures away, however. I guess I shouldn’t have cleaned the glass so well.

Looking through photos from years gone by.

August 2011 great grandma Ella with Charlotte and Lorelei.

This was about August 2012 when our pickup was being repaired after a yellow post at Walmart “ran into it.”

2013 Tom liturgist during State Fair themed service at Union Park UMC

Sunset August 2017

G’nite y’all!

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