2018 August 26 Sunday

2018 August 26 Sunday in Grimes Iowa

71° with clouds. Reached a high of 82° around five o’clock.

Worship at Cutty’s was small. Only five of us. Sue’s loner electric scooter didn’t make it through the door to the adult center this morning for worship. It took three of us to push the thing inside. we got it hooked up to electric power and it charged for the next hour during worship service. And then did work for her to wear get back home with afterward. However we got a call saying that she had fallen at home and that they had called nine-one-one. Shortly the fire department showed up and since I was working at the fee booth, I directed them to her RV. Shortly after that the sheriff showed up and he saw the fire truck and went directly there.

I called Ella to let her know that Sue had fallen again. Ella talked to her and found out that Sue is okay. Her rolling stool got away from her again.

Late in the afternoon the overall gray day broke into individual clouds and let the sun peek through.


This photo is deceptive. It looks like blue sky with a few clouds. Really it is completely overcast except for that small section. A spattering of rain past through just before seven.



.A beautiful end to a gray day

G’nite y’all!

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