2018 August 27 Monday

2018 August 27 Monday in Grimes Iowa

73° hazy and humid. Reached 85 that felt like 94.

Rained overnight which made it steamy all day.

This is not the best picture of Sue and Stoney. But it’s the only one from this morning. It was only them and us for coffee today.

Every say I mention having coffee, breakfast, or supper at Cutty’s Cafe. So I decided to show you the menu so that you’ll better understand what I’m talking about.

We stopped at Casey’s to purchase my lunch (sausage sandwich) before going to the senior center and playing games.

Goulash was what everyone else ate for lunch. But because it had onions in it, I did not.

I worked 2-9. It was surprisingly slow considering that Labor Day is coming up.


G’nite y’all!

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