2018 September 05 Wednesday

2018 September 05 Wednesday in Grimes and Johnston Iowa

62° and the rain continues. 70° at noon and light rain.

We had an inch of rain overnight and it is still raining. So, I didn’t empty the rain gauge this morning.


Rudolph the Red-nosed pickup has a new hood ornament.

I’m aware that he’s not a caribou. However, Bomgaars only had white-tail deer rather than reindeer. He is glued to three super strong magnets with white Gorilla glue which has the added benefit of foaming to look like poles of snow.

I’m working 8 to. 2 again today. Then I don’t work again until the 10th. Six working days left.

Cuttys camping resort head a members only gate that uses key cards. Over the years I don’t know how many times a member had told me that their card isn’t working. When I move it closer to the sensor, the gate magically opens. They’ve been waveing the card at the reader from a for or more away.

.G’nite y’all!

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