2018 September 06 Thursday

2018 September 06 Thursday in Grimes, Grainger, Madrid, Woodard, and Moran Iowa

It stopped raining! Yay! A chilly 59° and cloudy start to the day. I kicked the furnace on the take the chill out this morning.

There Was a Wii bowling tournament planning session this morning at the Grimes senior center. That’s why it looks so barren in here. Only two of us we’re not in attendance.

Because of the bowling meeting we did not make it to coffee at the Cutty Cafe this morning. But went directly to the senior center.

There was still time for a game of Fast Track.

Entertainment at the senior center was provided by a gentleman playing the harmonica. He played the songs for each branch of the armed forces.

When we were done at the center, we took a drive. We were going nowhere in particular until we got to the town of Grainger (famous n for its hot and cold water towers). My brother and family had lived on an average outside of Grainger about 55 years ago. I have no idea of the address so I awoke going by memories. Surprisingly (tongue in cheek) everything had changed. Housing developments were everywhere. Gravel roads have been replaced with blacktop and concrete. No I did not find it. But it was a nice day for a drive (no rain).


G’nite y’all!

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