2018 September 15 Saturday

2018 September 15 Saturday in Grimes Iowa

66° and clear

The gang (Sandy and Francis, Keith and Jean, Sue and Stoney, and us) gathered at the Cafe this morning. Saturday and Sunday the cafe opens at nine and us now closed all other mornings of the week.

After we had solved all the world’s problems by combining our vast knowledge of how the world is going to hell in a hand basket. We spent some time lamenting that nothing is the way it used to be in our youth.

Ella and i then had to go to Walmart for some vitamins so Ella could completely fill her daily pill sorters.

Ella has had trouble sending texts lately. So, we stopped at the Verizon store. A nice young man downloaded the latest version of the app she had and it worked fine after that.

Next door to Verizon is a Pizza Hut carry out only store. We went in, ordered, and fifteen minutes later we had pizza and wings for lunch.

I worked two to nine today. For those keeping score, that mean I have there more working days this month

I was busier than a termite in a sawmill today with four parties (anniversary, baby shower, and two birthdays) going on today, there were close to two hundred guests in the park. That means that I had about fifty phone calls with members calling guests in. And just before closing time, a gal came up to the gate and handed me a list of over 100 more people coming in for another party. Interestingly the note said that the party was until 11 o’clock tonight. I love the gate at 9. I hope she has a contingency plan.



G’nite y’all!

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