2018 September 16 Sunday

2018 September 16 Sunday in Grimes and Des Moines Iowa

69° and hazy start that nearly reached 90° (89) in the afternoon

The gang (Sandy and Francis, Keith and Jean, Sue and Stoney, and we {yes we us the correct pronoun to use here even if “us” sounds more coherent}) gathered at the Cafe again this morning.

We left about nine thirty and headed to Union Park UMC. I was liturgist today.

Bonanza was our stop for lunch. Ella had a top sirloin and I had the buffet. There was a nice looking meatloaf that I didn’t eat for fear that it might have onions. Back in August I had some very good meatloaf at Cutty’s Campfire Cafe Thursday 23rd and another slice for my supper at work Friday night. Unfortunately it had a lot of onion in it and I have an allergy to onion. Fruday I woke with a scratchy throat. Saturday morning i woke with a swollen throat, tongue, and lips.

In this photo, I am not sticking my lips out … that is just how they look that morning. I need to file this under “should have known better than have the second slice.” I took some Benadryl and it slowly went away.

Sunday morning I looked like this

and decided to go to the emergency room. In the Methodist West Des Moines emergency room they’ve given me some liquid Benadryl steroid and something else.

I was supposed to preach that morning but it never happened. I tried getting ahold of my friend Tom Stone to find out if he could preach for me. But he and his wife were in an emergency room in Des Moines. We didn’t have worship that morning. As a matter of fact we didn’t get out of the ER until early afternoon. I now carry an EpiPen.

This Sunday was a whole lot less eventful. We got home from lunch and stayed there until early evening when we ventured forth of treats for Monday’s coffee clutch.

G’nite y’all!

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