2018 September 20 Thursday

2018 September 20 Thursday in Grimes Iowa

The day began slightly overcast and 61°. By noon it was a full sun 85° that felt like 91° and peeked at 93°.

Sandy, Francis, Ella and I were the only ones who gathered for coffee at the club house today. The young man sitting on the floor is Trevor. He’s not part of our group but was there to use the WiFi as he was working on his two computers. Keith and Jean began their Southward attorney dragging their fifth wheel home behind them.

I worked 11-7 at the fee booth. About 11 o’clock the electricity went out to part of the park. Which meant I started receiving calls to tell me the power was out. Unfortunately the flip-phone/walkie-talkie, that we use to contact maintenance, is in the office and the office isn’t answering their phone, probably because they’ve been getting so many calls from people

Cutty’s is currently experiencing a power outage. The issue is with Mid-American Energy. Areas affected are: Seasonal Sites (West Side), Rental Cabins, A’s, O’s, S’s. The issue will be resolved as soon as possible, but we have no time estimate from Mid-American at this current time.

Around 11:30 Di from the office brought the phone and a few otheitems to me. She said to tell anyone who called that MidAmerican Energy has been called.

Shortly after one MidAmerican Energy showed up. As of 4 p.m. Still no electricity.

the end of the camping season is generally a very quiet time and very relaxing even for the people at the fee booth. But with one section of 43 sites shut down to work on the water system, and another 30 without power.

Seven o’clock arrived and so did Ella. I was glad to be done with this day. I feel bad for those folks who are still trying to get the power back on.

We had a coupon for Quiznos so we had some Black Angus subs for supper. They were really good.

So was the western sky tonight.

G’nite y’all!

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