2018 September 19 Wednesday

2018 September 19 Wednesday in Grimes, Des Moines, Johnston Iowa

Damp and foggy 64° start

Early morning teeth cleaning and exam for both of us. And we’ll both be back next week for fillings. Yay!

Village Inn seemed like a good place for breakfast … And pie (take home).


Arriving back at Cutty’s resort, we took a short drive along the lake.

This video doesn’t exist

After the fog dissipated and the sun came out, it turned into a beautiful day.

Pie Rush Wednesday (yes the second trip to VI today) with friends at Village Inn. Keith and Jean begin their convoluted journey to Texas, by way of Illinois Kentucky Missouri and who knows what all, tomorrow morning around 8:30.

Train Dominoes with friends (Howard, Audrey, Linda, Linda, Ella, and I) at Cutty’s Adult Center. We plan to get together again next Wednesday for the last time until next spring.

Our friend Lyn called, while we were finishing the last round of dominoes, to ask if we wanted to get together for pie at Village Inn. Of course we did!

Unfortunately, right after Lyn arrived she received a call that her grandson was rushed to the emergency room in West Des Moines. So she had to leave. We hugged her and told her that if she needed us, we could be there quickly. Since I had already ordered a drink, we stayed and Ella ordered a scoop of ice cream with a free slice of pie. I got mine too go.

ELLA WRITES: Our summer in Iowa is swiftly coming to an end. I need to get the packing done and also have a lot of doctors to contact in Texas.
I’ve been falling alot so a trip to the ENT is in order. It’s time for my heart doctors tests and appointment which is in line with my need for shoulder surgery. It’s going to be a busy new year.
Well it is time to pack and say farewell for the winter.

G’nite y’all!

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