26 September 2018 Wednesday

26 September 2018 Wednesday in Grimes and Johnston Iowa.

49° and completely cloudless at day’s beginning. At noon it was 60° and still clear.

I was lazy today. I didn’t even get outside to capture the sunrise. Later I just took this sun photo through the blinds and the screen. Kinda artsy ain’t it? Grin.

Stoney and Sue, and Ella and I were the only ones at coffee in the clubhouse today


At last count there were 44 for lunch at the Grimes Senior Center for lunch

It was the bingo that brought them out today.

Speaking of lunch, it was tacos which had onions* minced into it. That means I chose to not eat any. After lunch and after bingo we meet with friends and family at Village Inn. I had my lunch there … along with the free pie.

Kara and Karla, two of my nieces were there to say goodbye to us before we head south.

Can you shoot the difference?

Ella fits nicely in front of us.

Howard, Audrey, Sue and Ella played Mexican train dominoes in the evening at the adult center.

Ella and I went back to Village Inn after dominoes. We were joined by Lyn who came down to see us before we took off for Texas.

* See September 16 post about me and onions

G’nite y’all!

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