2018 September 27 Thursday

2018 September 27 Thursday in Grimes Iowa

54° to 73° though the sun never made it through the clouds today.

We did gather at the clubhouse for coffee and conversation until Stoney came rushing in asking for help catching his runaway dog, Sam. When we get outside, the dog was waiting for us.

Since we had broken up the coffee clutch, we went ahead over to the Grimes Senior center. And played a couple rounds of Fast Track before lunch.


After lunch Stoney have a short talk about the various jobs he had head in his 78 years.

While we were out, I took a photo of Ella standing next to a fire hydrant. I did this for our southern friends. I wanted them to see the depth marker over Ella’s head. It is there so that the fire department can find the hydrant in the snow.

I took a picture of these two speed zone signs which are about 40 feet apart.

G’nite y’all!

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