2018 September 30 Sunday

2018 September 30 Sunday left Grimes Iowa drove through Missouri and Kansas and stopped in Oklahoma

47° and completely overcast with Heather sky. Very damp from overnight rain. We saw 83° in Kansas

We had a community breakfast at the clubhouse. We said our goodbyes and went back to the trailer. And loaded the last few items. Then I waited in the truck while Ella distributed dryer sheets everywhere. They are supposed to keep the mice away

Reset trip meter and headed for church.

At 100 miles we are just approaching the Iowa Welcome Center on this side of the Missouri border and I can now speed back up to 70 miles an hour. We had a long section of 55 mph in a construction zone.

1:45 we passed the Iowa-Missouri state line.

We hit 200 miles just about 10 minutes after 3 in the afternoon and about 20 miles out of Kansas City.

4:30 p.m. almost 80° and mostly cloudy in Kansas.

It is 5 and we are in Tecumseh Kansas. Stopped for fill up and potty break.

5:30 and 81°

It is 6:40 p.m. and we are in Matfield, Kansas we’ve stopped for supper. Having Hardee’s.

After supper we stepped outside to this sky.

We’ve got about 350 miles behind us and we have approximately 600 to go. I do not plan to drive it straight through. We’ll stop somewhere for a while.

At 9:20 p.m. we cross the kansas-oklahoma border.

We reached the half way point of our journey. 473 miles from both Grimes and Liberty Hill.

Perry Oklahoma is where we came to rest tonight we arrived at the Comfort Inn about 10:15 p.m.

G’nite y’all!

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