2018 September 29 Saturday

2018 September 29 Saturday in Grimes Iowa

45° and completely overcast. 52° at noon. 47° and rain at the o’clock. Today is Trick or Treat from 2:30-4:30 at Cutty’s Des Moines Camping Resort. Kids in costume going RV to RV begging for candy. A lot of the campsites are really full of Halloween decorations. Some have really gone Day if the Deal this year.

Waking at 4:30, I discovered that the furnace want running. Suspecting the problem was an empty LP bottle, I tried lighting the stove. Sure enough, no fuel. I got dressed and went out and opened the auxiliary tank. After getting the furnace running and heating, I crawled back under the covers, clothes and all.

I lay there, working on writing my devotional for the day. You can follow this link.
Once it warmed enough, I got up and started breakfast. The cafe was open at nine this morning and we stayed there until 10:30. Visiting with friends; Sandy and Francis, Stoney and Sue, Don and Caroline, Jim, and us.

Back at the RV we started loading the truck with items going down h to Texas. I’m always amazed at how much stuff it seems necessary to carry back and forth between homes. We have complete household at each end. It seems to me that foods stuffs is all we should needed to carry.

John called to say that if we’d bring the truck to their campsite, he’d install a better tailgate. We did. He did. Rudolph the red nose pick up is a charcoal gray GMC Ciara and the tailgate is a from a black Chevy Silverado. Just another piece of customisation. The good news is the handle works so I don’t have to reach in a hole and pull on wires to open this tailgate like I did the old one.

While we were there, the Roff family arrived with the kids in costumes.

In the afternoon, while Ella continued packing things into shopping bags, I went to Cutty’s store and got took the empty LP bottle to be refilled. I want to have plenty of gas on hands next spring. Chances are good that we’ll needed to run the furnace when we get back to Iowa.

Audrey, Jason and Kailea came out to take most of the perishables from our refrigerator and freezer. Mostly what we will need to put in the ice chest is bacon and boiled eggs. That should leave plenty of room for tea and soft drinks.

I went to the local grocery store and purchased 20#s of ice for the ice chest. When u returned home, Ella was sitting outside in the cold and drizzle handing out candy.

After dark we to John’s campsite. It was cold and drizzling but we all say around the campfire and visited. Rob and Linnea were there as well as one of John and Dawn’s friends.

Shortly after eight the fireworks started

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G’nite y’all!

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