2018 October 04 Thursday

2018 October 04 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Cedar Park, and Leander Texas

69° and fog this morning.

Both Ella and I had appointments with the orthopedic doctor this morning. He examined Ella and looked at her MRI (which she brought with her from Iowa). He referred her to a surgery who specializes in reverse shoulder replacement.*

For me here recommend getting my weight down to 250# (and staying there) before having knee replacement surgery. For today I received cortisone shots in both knees.

We were done at the doctor’s in time to go to the Over The Hill Gang for lunch and one round of Canasta.

Parker’s Corner Grocery is just actions the drive from the OTHG. That made it very handy to buy eggs, butter, and bread.

When we returned home, Ella took the groceries inside. I took the receiver hitch out if the bed of the truck, reinstalled the bed cover on the truck, put the awning out and staked down. I did get the deflappers installed but not the rafter supports.

Later I went out and installed the rafters.

In the evening, before sundown, we went to Winkley’s for some small hardware parts

Before coming home we went to Elana’s for supper

*Reverse shoulder replacement is a type of shoulder replacement in which the normal ball and socket relationship of glenohumeral joint is reversed, creating a more stable joint with a fixed fulcrum.[1]This form of shoulder replacement is utilized in situations in which conventional shoulder replacement surgery would lead to poor outcomes and high failure ratio.



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