2018 October 05 Friday

2018 October 05 Friday in Liberty Hill, Leander, and Cedar Park Texas

71° start with high fog. The fog dissipated and it reached 86°

We both saw the dermatologist this morning early. We were his first patients. We had spots frozen which have since turned to blisters. Ella got some cream to put on fire ant bites. She got those the other day when she was plugging in the shore line. And I got an antifungal for a toe nail. When he handed me the bottle I said, “Anti fun gal, I knew her.” It turns out that the doctor loved puns. It’s kind of a shame we only see him once a year. No, scratch that idea.

The next appointment was for 11:00 with Ella’s Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. It was only 8:45 when we were done at the dermatologist.

We needed to kill some time. I plan to install a deck for the trailer. There was a Lowe’s nearby. I thought I might check some prices for pieces that I’ll needed. I don’t like Lowe’s. I’ve never gotten good service at any of them. It must be the corporate culture. When I need lumber my hierarchy goes: Home Depot, Menards, any place but Lowe’s, then Lowe’s. For hardware it goes: local independents like Winkley’s in Liberty Hill, Ace, Shoppers Supply, then Home Depot, et cetra.

But I was not planning to buy, just kill time, constructively. My opinion of Lowe’s customer service was substantiated today. I asked at the customer service counter for directions to the decking hardware. They have me direction to the far end of the store. Nope not there. All another employee who directed me to the lumber department. Nope again. The next employee discreet me to carpet and flooring (?). Fortunately, a customer overheard what I was looking for and gave me the proper direction. I managed to find prices for some of what I needed but there were some key parts that they didn’t appear to have … but I didn’t want to ask another employee for help.

There was still time to kill so we went to the Leander Senior Center to say high and fill out paperwork so that we are eligible for lunches there. We didn’t stay for lunch because it was now time for the appointment.

We arrived at the ENT with time to spare only to be told that the doctor and audiologist weren’t there. But we had a text message confirming the appointment. We were told that it was for another location in a town forty miles away. We rescheduled for this location next week.

Now that the rest of our morning was free, we went grocery shopping.

A quick drive through at Chicken Express got us home before the milk could turn to cheese in the heat.

I took care of a few outdoor chores and the went in to sleep. Not nap. Sleep.

Last night as I lay in bed, I got to thinking about the sermon that pastor Saint (yes that’s his name, John Saint) asked me to preach on December 30th. I got to thinking about all the stores having After Christmas Sales. I started writing a sermon about the churches After Christmas Sale. I didn’t stop writing until after 3 this morning. And then I woke at 5:40 and tried to go back to sleep before the 6:30 alarm would he off. No such luck. So when my chores were done, I went to bed and slept for several hours.

And it is now quarter till 11 p.m. and I’m going to go to sleep.

G’nite y’all!

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