2018 October 08 Monday

2018 October 08 Monday Columbus Day in Liberty Hill, Cedar Park, Texas

71° and spotty rain this morning and all through the day. Sometimes it came down very heavily. It reached a high of about 75° before quickly cooling off again

Awake at quarter to five, I realized that the fan at the foot of the bed wasn’t working. I unplugged it and moved to a different socket. No go. The fan is dead. Moved a tower fan from the living room to the bedroom. A fan helps me sleep. It is a combination of the air movement and the white noise created by the fan.

Before we left for the doctor’s, I set off a bug bomb in our home. Hopefully, it will kill some of those pesky flies.

More interesting clouds this morning

Ella had her first meeting with the surgery today. We arrived forty five minutes early. I had anticipated heavier traffic. But it is Columbus day and schools and government offices are closed. Ella and the doctor discussed the why, how, when and where of having her shoulder replaced.

Doctor Benjamin Szerlio specializes in this reverse shoulder replacement. He actually helped design the replacement joint. He also teaches other surgeons how to do the surgery.

When we finished at the orthopedic doctor we went to Liberty Hill Physicians so that Dr. Chesshir could examine her and refill her prescriptions.

Then we drove back to Walmart in Cedar Park for supplies and prescriptions … Although we forgot to purchase. the medications.

We had lunch at Whataburger before returning home.

We sat under the RV awning and watched the rain for a while this afternoon. It was only about 70° which was quite comfortable.

When the rain became too intense, we went inside and played several games of Fast Track and Rummikub.

G’nite y’all!

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