2018 October 09 Tuesday

2018 October 09 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Georgetown, Texas

62° and rain to begin the day.

Awake at four and last there listening to the rain and disliking it. I have drip pans under the leaking roof. But I really need it to dry off before I can repair the roof damage.

Manuel, one of my friends from church said that he has left over supplies from repairing an RV roof earlier. I gave him a piece of plywood and he’s going to cut the edges at 45° angles. That should prevent tearing at the edge of the patch. He dropped the stuff off in the afternoon today.

We had an extremely heavy rain about one o’clock that quickly flooded all of the lie water crossings. Manny was able to get through in his Suburban. If he had been in a car, he might not have gotten to us.

Lunch was at the Georgetown senior center today. As can be seen in the photo, a lot of day old bread had been donated.

People came to eat but not enough started, do, no bingo was played.


Tuesday night means Prayer Meeting at Cross Tracks Church.

G’nite y’all!

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