2018 October 10 Wednesday

2018 October 10 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

67° that reached 75° under a cloudless sky.

Grandies met from 9-12 including the time for a game.

Some of us had lunch at Hobo Junction. Gotta love that chicken fried steak done right.

After lunch we came home so that I could get that patch on the roof. We need to wait 24 hours to for the sealant to cure. After that I’ll paint it with elastomeric roof coating. I may need to apply some caulking also

While I was working on the roof, Ella was missing up some laundry detergent. It contains, washing soda, borax, Oxyclean, and Fels-Naptha. We’ve used it for years now and it works great.

We had time for a nap before going back to the church for choir practice.

Choir was a little shorter than usual so that we could go to the fellowship hall and celebrate Donna’s 90th birthday.

Birthday party

G’nite y’all!

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