2018 October 11, 2918 Thursday

2018 October 11, 2918 Thursday in Liberty Hill and Cedar Park, Texas

69° with scattered clouds in the East. 73° for the high under overcast sky at mid day.

I made a quick cherry cobbler before breakfast. That was to take to the Over The Hill.

Meatloaf was on the menu today. I asked about onions and was told that the meatloaf did contain onions. Thankfully there was beans and corn bread and a tomato lettuce salad.

We were unable to stay for games after lunch because Ella has an ENT appointment at one o’clock in Cedar Park.

The ENT doctor removed the tube from Ella’s ear. It had worked it’s way mostly out of the eardrum on its own.

She has some pressure in her ears. The doctor prescribed done medication and had it called in to the pharmacy.

I took the scenic route home.

I finished the patching of the roof by painting it with the rubber roofing compound.

G’nite y’all!

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