2018 October 13 Saturday

2018 October 13 Saturday in Liberty Hill and Kerrville, Texas

69° and rain. The puddles still had not dried since the rain ended on Tuesday. Now they’re getting a refill. The ten day forecast had rain everyday for the next right days. Something you need to know about our section of the Texas Hill country, it is rocks and hills with no depth of soil. That means the rain either runs down the hill (and across the road – turn around don’t drown) or it just sits there in puddles until they evaporate.

After years of drought, the rain is needed. However, coming like it has been, it is causing flash floods. The Llano River, which has been described as “a mile wide and an inch deep” roared through Junction, Texas at thirty-plus feet last week. Four men were swept away. They’ve found two of the bodies. One woman hung onto some debris for before being rescued twenty miles down stream. An RV park was totally destroyed and many homes were damaged. our friend Judy who pastors the United Methodist Church in Menard, which is about 31 miles from Junction Texas, went on a mission trip to Junction to help with the cleanup.

This morning Ella assisted at the first ever Rummage Sale for Sonshine Friends preschool. There was a lot of stuff there for first-time rummage sale. attendance didn’t seem to be great but again it’s the first time if they make this an annual event it probably will grow a lot stronger.

We left the rummage sale and headed to Kerrville by way of Bertram, Burnet, and Marble Falls. With a stop in Marble Falls for lunch at KFC/LJS.

The only problem was that I thought The Loan Star Santa’s were to meet at five o’clock. Which was wrong. It was to start at one. We arrived at about three and left about four thirty. Which got us home at almost six thirty. I hope to have pictures later.

I’m plumb tuckered out.

G’nite y’all!

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