2018 December 14 Friday

2018 December 14 Friday in Cedar Park and Austin, Texas


37° overnight and windy. Gusts up to 40 mph. And barely made it to 49° today.

Arik’s two dogs were on duty protecting us from the forces of evil overnight. And it must have worked for no evil befell us.

This is Bluebell. She is a strange creature that appears to have been assembled by a committee, her parts just don’t quite match. She is annoyingly friendly and incessantly sticking her nose into private parts of people’s bodies.

This is Zeus the hundred pound (there about) pit bull which is the most gentle and loving creature that I’ve ever known. He tolerates Bluebell’s overtly excited playful attacks.

This is the Christmas tree in A&J’s home. Strangely Mister and Missus Claus don’t have a tree, nor have we decorated our home. Well, to be fair, our home is always semi decorated for Christmas. However, we have had neither the energy nor the time for decorating … or even more than basic housekeeping since the beginning of November.

Santa got so much love today. It was busy from open till around one thirty when they was a little break for about half an hour. And then it picked up again. I had a group of about a dozen special needs kids (mid to late teens) come to visit today. I’m so blessed by these visits that it is hard to explain.

In a separate visit I had a deaf child with whom I was able to sign “My name is Santa” and whish him a “Merry Christmas”. I really need to learn more ASL.

I had a 2-3 year old girl that was screaming and kicking on my lap for photos … and that’s what they got. However, while Mom was looking at photos, I got down on the floor and slowly coaxed her over to looking at a book. As she became more comfortable, I was able to ask what she wanted for Christmas and about her Christmas tree etc. When Mom came to get her, the little girl gave me a hug. I wish parents (and the photographers) weren’t in such a hurry to get the photo and would give me a chance to make a connection with the child. I know. I know. It’s a business of selling photos but not to the children or me. It’s all about the visit with Santa.

The sky tonight on the way home.

God bless you and g’nite.

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