2018 December 15 Saturday

2018 December 15 Saturday in Cedar Park and Liberty Hill, Texas


39° overnight and clear. The high wind from Thursday and yesterday died down overnight. But the low humidity and high wind from the last few days has blown lots of cedar/juniper pollen into the air. This had triggered an sure wishlist sleet. “Cedar Fever” is no joke here in the Texas Hill country where these trees grow like weeds everywhere and produce large clouds of pollen.

As nice as it was too spend Thursday night at the kids’ house, it was great to be home and sleep in our own bed. Our fitness wrist bands monitors our sleep (among other things) and Thursday night it showed no deep sleep at all. Last night’s sleep looked like this.

My normal sleep is about five to seven hours a night and about half is deep sleep. We purchased these bands because in the first part of November, just before the Santa season, I promised my VA doctor that u would walk at least a mile a day. I have been averaging about three. That isn’t bad considering I’m paid to sit in a chair for six to send hours a day.

Sunset tonight

God bless you and g’nite.

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