2018 December 21 Friday


2018 December 21 Friday in Austin, Cedar Park and Liberty Hill, Texas

35° overnight with clear sky and 62° for the high

We started work at 9:00 today and worked until 3. To celebrate getting off work an hour earlier than usual, we stopped at a steakhouse for supper.

The next stop was Walmart for twelve small travel size packages of wet wipes. We are assembling packages for the homeless. The packs include microwaveable meals (they can be eaten without hearing also or dropped into hot water for a while), an individually wrapped cookie, a can of V8 Fusion, a bottle of water, a plastic fork, and the wet wipes. I feel better about giving them these packages rather than cash.

When I came out of Walmart the moon was up full and bright.

We were still a ways from home when Ella said she needed to use the restroom. I learned long ago that when she says she needs to stop, we find the next available restroom. This one happened to be at Leander Quick Mart.

Once we were home, Ella put together another half dozen or so homeless bags. We’ve given out 4-5 of them in the last several weeks.

God bless you and g’nite.

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