2018 December 22 Saturday


L in Austin, Cedar Park and Liberty Hill, Texas

46° overnight and partly cloudy. It’s not the weather that is the real issue today, it’s the high pollen count. A runny nose and ichy eyes is not a good look for Santa.

Good morning, Sunshine!

This graph of sleep shows that I woke around 2:30 this morning and went back to sleep an hour later. I’d swear I’ve been awake the whole time. Laying still and not moving doesn’t really count as sleep.

It was another 9 a.m. arrival day but off at 2. We were there in plenty of time. Yesterday the set manager informed Elle that Ella was not to bring me down to the set. So today I sat and waited. About a quarter after nine one of the new hires came to get me. I asked if Jessica had sent them. She had. It took another ten minutes to get the set started.

We stopped at DQ for supper tonight. I snapped a photo that I was going to post here. However, when I enlarged it, Ella was caught in a very unflattering pose. I value my life too much to post it.

I was so tired that I came home, turned the AC on. Yes, it was that warm inside. I then last down on the bed with my phone in l hand. My goal was to work in this blog. Which I did when I woke at 6:30 tonight. Now that it’s done, I may go back to sleep .

God bless you and g’nite.

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