2018 December 23 Sunday


2018 December 23 Sunday in Austin, Cedar Park and Liberty Hill, Texas

40° overnight and clear.

I had been awake since five and was working on my daily devotional so I was surprised when Ella’s alarm went off at six. Not only did the alarm go off but she actually rolled out of bed and got dressed.

I got up, showered, and got dressed. It was now six forty five. Ella was standing at the door and ready to go. I said, ” Hobo Junction doesn’t open until eight.”

She said, “We have to be at work at eight.”

I replied, “Yes. Tomorrow. Today we start at ten.”

She got out of her clothes and into the shower. It’s was an interesting morning.

We did make it to Hobo Junction for breakfast.

After work we went to Adam and Leigha’s because Amber, Andres, and family were visiting there from Florida. There was puzzle assembling, and game playing as well as supper.

God bless you and g’nite.

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