2019 January 23 Wednesday


2019 January 23 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

28° that feels like 20 and it hailed overnight. I slept besides her in my recliner until Monday night. P


Ella all snuggled into her recliner. She’s lived there day and night since last Thursday. I slept in my recliner next to her until Monday night. Sleeping in a recliner was really bothering my legs and hips so I quit. it also bothered my left shoulder pushing myself up out of that chair all of the time.

I ordered a shower seat that Ella can use now and I can use next year after my knee surgery.

Today’s mail brought get well cards for Ella and birthday cards for me. It all’s brought pjs for Ella, jacks for the trailer, and a sleeping bag for me. It was advertised as “big and tall”. I’m big and tall. So for my birthday gift for myself, I bought it. Unfortunately it may be tall but it’s not big enough for me. I couldn’t get both arms in. How disappointing.

G’night and God bless.

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