2019 January 24 Thursday


2019 January 24 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas

28° just like yesterday morning. Completely cloudless. Got all the way to 59.

Ella is continuing to get better. She has begun weaning herself from her medications. She’s gone from one pill every 4 hours to one every 5 hours. Here is an image of the wound. It’s about 5″ and to the front of her right shoulder.

Ella doing physical therapy. Using the left hand to increase range of motion on right arm.

video of Ella doing physical therapy

Ella preparing tho beat me at Fast Track. She had three players on the board and I have none.

Of the 3 packages that arrived yesterday, these jacks are the only ones that came as advertised. The pjs that were ordered xl, came with thetop being a large and the bottoms a medium.

I already posted about my disappointment at the “Big and Tall” sleeping bag that was only tall and not big. I know I’m large but not gigantic. So I really looked forward to that sleeping bag.

G’night and God bless.

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