2019 January 30 Wednesday


2019 January 30 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

The day started at 32° and hit 53° for a very brief moment before the sky turned a uniform gray. This was sunrise.

Today was Grandies in the morning. After that we stopped at the post office and got an arm load of mail.

Ella had to go to the physical therapy office to get registered for when she no longer qualifies for home visits. Wow, not only can you legally be tortured but they make you pay for it.

With that done we went to Jardin Corona for lunch. With my severe allergy to onions I must be very careful of what I eat. So why would I even consider going to a Mexican restaurant? Because my bride wanted enchiladas. As long I didn’t eat the salsa, guacamole, or salad, I was alright with the steak.

The afternoon was quiet. We napped. We read. We watched TV. We played games.

Wednesday night is choir practice at Cross Tracks Church. Ella was feeling okay enough, so we went to practice. I really enjoy choir and I actually love the practice more than the performance. Practice is about learning and sharpening a skill. That means more to me than the presentation. I’m not a great singer and I don’t really read music. But I know I can add something because I can hit the deep bass notes that the others aren’t able to do.

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