2019 January 31 Thursday


2019 January 31 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas

Ain’t nothin’ but grey sky. No sun to be seen.

The day started with a cold drizzle. Fortunately at 42° it was well above freezing. Today toppled out at 49° while still under grey skies.

Thursday is Over the Hill Gang in Liberty Hill. It was “hat day” but very few remembered to wear one.

We had a good sized crowd today at 59 for lunch.

Unfortunately the only thing on the menu that didn’t have onion was the pinto beans and the desserts. The beans would have been better with some ham.

We stopped at “Mom’s”* on the way home. She had made another peach cobbler for us. It was for ME. I know that she intended it to all be mine. Mine! Mine!

2 o’clock in the afternoon looked just like 6:30 in the morning or 6:30 in the evening.

Ellas physical therapist came this afternoon. He was pleased with her progress. He plans to schedule her for 2 more visits before she goes for therapy at the office in Liberty Hill on Wednesday.

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*Mom (Florence) is a friend who is old enough to be our mother and does mothers us.


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