2019 February 22 Friday


2019 February 22 Friday in Liberty Hill, Cedar Park, and Leander, Texas

46°and FOG instead of a sunrise.

And several hours later …

At breakfast I peeled a tangerine and then realized how much it looked like a flower.

Driving into town for Ella’s therapy at 11 and out was still foggy.

Strangely, with the same camera on video, there didn’t appear to be as much fog.

After Ella’s therapy we went to the Leander UMC for the monthly 50+ game day. We arrived early and the two of us played a game out Rummikube until more people arrived. Bill and Karen Linder to play Fast Track. We switched tho Fast Track and left others use our Rummikube game. The games got other around three o’clock.

I had one item to purchase at Costco. My VA doctor had recommended the Diabetes Health Pack from Costco for me. I

The dollar is just so you can judge the size

wanted to use our Costco rebate check for the purchase because we have decided to not renew our membership. Over the past year we have purchased very little, other than vitamins and supplements, at Costco. It no longer seems coast effective for us to renew the membership. Since we had not eaten lunch, I also purchased a pizza.

We also had a few grocery items that we needed that I didn’t want to buy in bulk, so our next stop was Wal-Mart.

It was between 5:30 & 6:00 when we arrived home.

If there was a sunset photo opportunity, I missed it.

G’night and God bless.

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