2019 March 06 Wednesday


2019 March 06 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

23° and mostly sunny and reached 50° by noon and 54° before the sun disappeared into the clouds.

I slept In today, nine hours of sleep interrupted at 4 a.m. when the CPAP machine mysteriously shut off. That lead to a rude awakening! You kinda get used ta breathin’, don’t cha know?

Grandies meets at Cross Tracks Church, in the Fellowship Hall, every Wednesday, at 9, for a card ministry. We mail cards of all sorts to let people know that we’re thinking of and praying for them. Then, most of us, play games until around noonish.

One year ago our Grandies group was at the Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls for lunch. Once or twice a year we make the trek from Liberty Hill to the recycling center in Marble Falls with bunches of aluminum cans.

Today is Ash Wednesday so, after Grandies, we left the Fellowship Hall and walked next door to the Chapel for the service.

We then went across the road to Hobo Junction for lunch. I chose to forgo my unusual meal of chicken fried steak and had an open face roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes. Ella had southern fried catfish with green beans and okra. We tarried a while after eating because we still had an hour to kill before going a short way down the street to Texas Physical Therapy for Ella’s treatment. One of the things about living in small towns is that nothing is too far apart.

We arrived about forty five minutes early, so we sat in the truck and played games or watched videos, until time for her to go in. Shortly, she came back to the truck. Her appointment is for tomorrow.

Other than some wasted time the only cost that I really regret is spending $30 for lunch rather than going home and eating food for which we have already paid.

G’night and God bless.

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