2019 March 05 Tuesday


2019 March 05 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

22° and mostly cloudy. Turned to mostly sunny. Officially it reached 44° today. However, when I took Ella for get physical therapy at three o’clock, the thermometer in the truck said 46°.

I didn’t crawl out from under the nice warm blankets to capture a sunrise photo today. After days of nothing but uniformly gray skies, I just didn’t think that the sun might actually make an appearance today.

Food for thought and your tummy. About a month ago I ordered some “Survival” food from 4 Patriots. Originally I just planned to get their 72 hour emergency food supply. However, recently I’ve felt an urgency to be prepared for an unknown, unforseen, emergency.

Living in fifth wheel travel trailers for the last decade, as we have, has taught us to be ready to run for cover when severe storms approach. We have kept a small “to go” bag in our truck. It wasn’t much, just enough for a day or two. It has worked well as an overnight bag when we’ve been unexpectedly invited to spend the night with family or made an unplanned overnight stop on the road (without the trailer).

This year we’ve expanded the “to go” bag to two army duffle bags. Along with more clothing the bags now also include more survival gear.

But, back to the food order from 4 Patriots, I decided to order the 3 month packages along work the 72 hour food packs. We have been trying the different food packs (there are a large variety) and have been pleased with the ease to prepare as well as the taste. And, with a 25 year shelf life, they may well outlast me (if I don’t eat them first).

We decided to not go to the senior center for lunch today. The menu is just salads which doesn’t appeal to either of us. And it’s cold out, which makes it a good day to stay inside.

I almost missed this sunset photo.

G’night and God bless.

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