2019 March 14 Thursday


2019 March 14 Thursday in Liberty Hill, Texas

60° mostly clear with a beautiful sunrise. It reached 71° under a blustery sky. This coming weeks forecast is for cooler weather. Below normal temps. However, with the weather other parts of the country are having, I’m not complaining. I’d never heard of a bomb cyclonebefore but it is wreaking havoc from the Midwest to the east coast. The news tonight was talking about part ofthe country having 95 mph straightline winds. There were images of semi tractor trailers being blow over and pushed down the highway but the wind.

Ella is officially freed from her arm sling. She had a follow-up appointment with her orthopedic surgeon this morning.

Her bionic arm is doing fine. She is still doing physical therapy.

And we were out of the doctors in time to make it to the Over the Hill Gang for lunch and games. Here is a panoramic shot of the two main rooms today.

Ella had therapy at three today. She was feeling less beat up today which must mean she’s doing better.

The sunset was almost as good as the sunrise.

G’night and God bless.

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