2019 March 15 Friday


2019 March 15 Friday in Liberty Hill and Cedar Path, Texas

50° mostly cloudy and crawled slowly to 57°.

Nice sunrise this morning just before it disappeared into the clouds.

Immediately after breakfast we hightailed it to the VA clinic for a diabetic eye test.

With the test over and done, I took the opportunity of good cell service to call Verizon customer service. Last summer we purchased a HUM X device and then it quit working. Back in early February I received an email saying that they were shipping a replacement. However, they shipped it to an address that we haven’t used in years. So today I called to get everything straighten out. They will be shipping a new device to our current address.

No, that’s not the moon. It’s the sun at 6:16 this evening. In spite of the gloomy sky here, it was really a nice day.

But an hour later, it looked like this.

G’night and God bless.

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