2019 March 25 Monday


2019 March 25 Monday in Liberty Hill and Georgetown, Texas

66° and cloudy. It reached 72° and was still cloudy.

Here is today’s sunrise. Depressing isn’t it? But, praise God I was alive to see it.

We had lunch at the Georgetown senior center. We had time to play one round of Rummikube before lunch. I don’t remember who won. We don’t keep score.

The blue bonnets are popping up all over. For those of you who don’t live on the Texas hill country … Blue bonnets are to us what the robins are up north … the first signs of spring.

We made a quick stop tho check for mail.

I found what I took to be a blemish or a photo artifact near the lower middle tho the right on the photo. But when I checked the sky, I saw that it really was there. A small group of clouds floating at a different level than the rest of them.

G’night and God bless.

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