2019 March 26 Tuesday


2019 March 26 Tuesday in Liberty Hill, Georgetown and Cedar Park, Texas

50° and clear. It reached 77°.

We were on our way to the VA before the sun came up.

The VA clinic clinic wss so close to getting sunshine when we arrived, notice the sun on the treetops.

I used the kiosk to get checked in. It seems to only work part of the times that I’ve tried to use it. A great idea poorly executed.

I got in to see the doctor amazingly quick. My lab results were all good. However, there was a slight problem, there was no results for an A1C test. That’s the test to determine how well my diabetes is controlled. It’s kind of a big thing. The reality meant I had to go through the blood draw again. It didn’t Dawnpin me until later that I’ve always been required to be fasting for those tests … and today I wasn’t. I wonder how badly that skews the results.

We arrived quite early at the senior center today.

Which meant that we had time to play several rounds of Fast Track.

And also some Rummikube.

G’night and God bless.

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