2019 March 31 Sunday


2019 March 31 Sunday in Liberty Hill, Texas

40° and cloudy in the morning. And 56 was the high.

This is the sky half an hour after time for sunrise.

And this other photo was taken around 11

Normally Cross Tracks Church has two worship services on Sunday morning: a nine o’clock traditional and an eleven o’clock contemporary with Sunday school at ten. Four times a year there are five Sundays in a month. When those fifth Sundays occur we have a combined service at eleven that is a mix of traditional and contemporary. And then we have a potluck after worship. This was the fifth Sunday in March.

If you are interested in the service you can follow the link below


The overcast sky gave way to pure sunshine around 2:30.

And as the sun slowly sat in the west the temperature began to drop into the 40s.

G’night and God bless.

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