2019 April 10 Wednesday


2019 April 10 Wednesday in Liberty Hill, Texas

67° and mostly sunny that turned into 91°.

Grandies today was all about stuffing a lot (1,000?) plastic Easter eggs with candy.

Okay, not quite ALL about the eggs. We still had time for canasta.On the way home we stopped at this new coffee shop in Liberty Hill. We each ordered large ice teas (not sweet). Out came to nearly $13. I doubt we will go back. I’m more of a $.79 convenience store large ice tea sort of guy.Choir practice was interesting tonight. We were joined by 3 preteen boys who have been practicing close harmony on a hymn. This Sunday they will sing the first verse, a quartet will sing the second stanza, and the choir will join in on the last.

G’night and God bless.

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