2019 April 12 Friday


2019 April 12 Friday in Liberty Hill and Leander, Texas

47° under clear skies that rose to 74°.

The moon was very bright during the night. Though it appeared to be a full moon in my photo, it was a waxing crescent and only half full.

I took this photo shortly before sunrise but the sky was already very bright and nearly cloudless.

We ate lunch with the 50+ group at Leander UMC. Our speakers today were giving us some interesting facts about people in their 60s and older. They are much more adaptable than people in younger ages. They are also happier. We heard that the way to keep our minds sharp is to be constantly learning new things. With every new skill learned, your brain has to build new pathways.

Today was also laundry day. We pretty much had the laundromat to ourselves.

On the way home we chose to stop at Dairy Queen.

Once home I did a little yard work while Ella retrieved some things from the storage shed.

It was an altogether nice day.

G’night and God bless.

Older adults are happier and more adaptable

Exercise, socialize, find a purpose, excessive your brain.

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