2019 April 24 Wednesday


2019 April 24 Wednesday in Liberty Hill and Cedar Park, Texas

The first part of the storm came and went by 7:30. I slept through most of it. But there is more predicted for this afternoon and evening.

That’s a lot out rain and wind.

We went to Grandies this morning and stayed to play canasta. We have only one more meeting with this group before heading to our summer home in Iowa. Next Wednesday will be celebrating birthdays, and anniversaries. We will also celebrate our leaving. Wait! That doesn’t sound right. Let’s call it a Going Away Party.

After Grandies we stopped at Wal-Mart for a few perishable items. We are trying to eat all of the perishables before we leave. We had penne pasta with meat sauce for supper today. That used the last of the ground beef from the freezer.There will be some things like condiments that we will pack in a cooler and take with us. But the least we have to carry the better. At the same time there are some things such as milk, eggs, bacon, and bread that we needed NOW.It was now well past lunch time. We drove through KFC as the rain began to pick up. It got so strong that I pulled into a parkinglot to wait it out. We found out in the evening news that the rain had been driven by 60 mph winds.

Those white streaks are sheets of rain as seen from our truck.

We just sat there and had a picnic in the truck. Once the worst of it had past through we drove on home.With the groceries put away, it was nap time.

I took a nap while the worst of another round of storms went through.

Around 6 pm the rain stopped again and the sun almost broke through.

By 7:30 the sky was clearing and the sun shone brightly.


8 pm

Now for something completely different. An experiment in continuous line draw drawing that I did during the Grandies meeting this morning. The first one used loos and circles whereas the second used more line.

God bless and g’nite

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