2019 April 25 Thursday


2019 April 25 Thursday in Liberty Hill and Leander, Texas

54° start that reached 82° under clear skies.

Sunrise and sunset today look very much the same. Just a big ball of white hot light sitting on the horizon.

It is laundry day, which means a trip to Leander and the laundromat.

“Take your receipt” the pump said. No receipt printed. I didn’t want my poor old knees to walk all the way into the store and back again. So I took a photo, added the date, and added it to my digital receipt file.

Now that Rudolf the red nosed pickup had his fill of gasoline, it was time for us to fill our tanks also. Thanks to Dairy Queen, we had a nice cool place tho sit and eat until Ella’s therapy session.

And speaking our her therapy, she got to ring the graduation bell today. She has completed physical therapy. She still is working on gaining more strength and range of motion. But that will be on her own.

With no clouds, there would be no dramatic afterglow tonight. So, I caught the sun just as it touched the treetops.

God bless and g’nite

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