2019 May 04 Saturday


2019 May 04 Saturday in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma all the way to Grimes, Iowa.

54° and high fog


I snapped this as we were leaving Denny’s. It is as close to a sunrise as we saw today.

Just a lonely stretch of road about 9 am in Oklahoma.


Stopped for gas in Tonkawa, Oklahoma.

More lonely stretch of road in as we crossed into Kansas around 10.

I tried to get a photo of the wind turbines with the top in the fog.

11:00 near El Dorado Kansas

1:00 pm near Topeka

In Parts Unknown in Kansas at 1:33 in the afternoon a pretty good size turkey flew across the road in front of me I actually clipped its tail feathers we could have had a good meal off of that thing. But it would have cost me a windshield.

This was an accidental selfie taken as I grapped for the phone to check the navigation. It turned out so good, I’m keeping it.


About 4:30 we stopped at the first rest stop in Iowa.

Just before 6 we arrived at our Iowa home.

I’ve got a lot off yard work to do. There are mountains of soggy maple leaves to rake and burn or bag for the trash. Composting isn’t an option, for us.if you’d like them, they can be yours absolutely FREE, just pay the shipping and handling free.

We unloaded some of the truck and then went grocery shopping.

God bless and g’nite

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