2019 May 06 Monday


2019 May 06 Monday in Des Moines, Ankeny and Grimes, Iowa

47° and partially cloudy. That reached a high of 66°.

A trip to Dr. Campbell DDS is Ann interesting way to start the day.

Here I am smiling for the ( x-ray) camera. Then on to the teeth cleaning. I’m good until September. Ella, however goes back on the 15 for fillings.

We made it you the Grimes Senior Center for games and lunch.

After lunch we stopped at the post office and picked up a handful of mail.

From there we drove into Des Moines to help out a young friend. She has a baby but until now has not ha a babybed. She found once online a local buy/sell/trade site. It was free but server had no way to haul it. We have a 3/4 ton pickup. We picked her up at her apartment. Then drove to the Ankeny Police Station for the transfer. Soon a gentleman in a van arrived and we moved the disassembled bed into the the truck.

On the way back to our friends apartment, Ella received a phonecall from granddaughter Audrie. She told Ella to pull into a parkinglot for a hug. She and her husband has seen us on the road and were a few cars behind us. We stopped and got our hugs.

Then a proceeded to our friends apartment and unloaded the bed.

Before leaving the apartment complex, I spotted thirds vine encircled tree and thought out was photo worthy.

Our good deed done, we stopped at a neighbourhood ice cream shop.

A multitude multilayered sunset tonight after an afternoon rain shower.

God bless and g’nite

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