2019 May 08 Wednesday


2019 May 08 Wednesday in Grimes, Iowa

41° and rainy that reached 63° for a moment or two under an overcast sky.


We arrived at the senior center slightly before 8:30 because a public health nurse was there to trim toenails. If you haven’t reached an advanced age, you might not understand how nice and necessary it is to have someone take care of your feet four you.

Then we had plenty of time to play multiple games of Fast Track with Joyce, Elwin, and Sue.

The meal today was liver and onions, so I went to McDonald’s for a sandwich, not because I don’t like liver and onions (I do) but because I have am extreme allergic to onions.

After lunch they played bingo until 1:30.

We met with friends at 2:00 for pie at Village Inn.

We had Just enough time for a short nap before going to John and Dawn’s for supper. Linnea and Rob were also there as was Brandon.


God bless and g’nite

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