2019 May 10 Friday


2019 May 10 Friday in Grimes, Iowa

Lots of sunshine this morning. 39° overnight. Even for Iowa that seems strange to be so chilly this late in the year. It spiked at 63°. The average high temp for this time of year is 70 and the low it’s 50.

First day of work at Cutty’s 2019. It was a pretty slow morning. I occupied myself with some sketching. I tried too capture the way the sun was revealing the shapes of the trees. And then the lawn crew arrived and I made some sketched of them. It was impossible for me to capture the motion. In a single sketchy it is too static.




By the way, I did do some actual work between sketching.

While I was at work, Ella went to the senior center for games and lunch. When she returned home, she loaded the dirty clothes and laundry soap into the truck.

At 2:30 she picked me up from work and we took our clothes to the laundry at Cutty’s main street. Once the clothes were in the washing machines, we went to the cafe and had pizza. It was my lunch and supper.

After the clothes were dry and folded we went home. My legs were really bothering me so I took some Tylenol and lay back in the recliner. As the pain let up, I became drowsy. But Friday evening is when some of us usually gather at the adult center for Card Jackpot (think bingo with playing cards). I told Ella that I didn’t feel like going. However, she went.

When she returned home it woke me. It is bedtime.

It just dawned on me that as I was getting off work this afternoon, it was exactly one week from when we began our journey up from Texas tho Iowa. It feels more like only a couple days have past.

,.God bless and g’nite

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