2019 May 11 Saturday


2019 May 11 Saturday in Grimes, Iowa

A cold 44° and overcast to start the day. Slowly climbed to 55° and stalled there. It was still 55 at 7:30 in the evening.

I hit the ground running at work this morning. And then the power blinked off and on, which took everything down. It took about 20 minutes for our main campground software to reset and about 30 minutes for the phone system. I had to call for help getting the credit card machine reset. 2nd day of work and I’m beginning to wonder why I come back every year.

And that was before all the calls started coming in to report that the water was off. The first 2 calls came in bang bang. I quickly called Maintenance and then reassured all of the other callers that the situation was being worked on.

This is the view of the gatehouse as I was leaving work this afternoon. Notice the clouds and lack of sunshine at 2:30.

I was very glad to get home to my bride.

And as an extra bonus, she had batter fried morel mushrooms, still warm from the pan, waiting for me. I have pity on anyone who has never eaten one. They are unlike any other mushroom in looks, taste, and texture.

We received some sad news this evening. The Fellowship Hall at our church in Liberty Hill, Texas is burning. This building has the church offices and a daycare facility. It is a freestanding building, neither attached to the old Chapel nor the new Worship Center. At this point it looks like it may have been a lightning strike that started the fire. But the fire is still burning, so no real determination can be made yet. No one was injured. Prayers are needed.

Hey, look, the sun almost … almost … showed its shiny face.

God bless and g’nite

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