2019 May 18 Saturday


2019 May 18 Saturday in Cutty’s, Grimes, Iowa

62° start and reached 73 between the rains.

I’m sharing the link to the Go Fund Me account for our Texas home church that burnt last Saturday.

We arrived at Cutty’s Campfire Cafe for coffee with friends at 9:00 this morning. Unfortunately the cafe didn’t open until 10. It was sprinkling. Sue Stone was on her electric wheelchair/ scooter. So instead if standing around in the rain, or having Sue riding about 10 minutes in the rain to get back to her camper. We made a dash to the Adult Center, which is maybe 100 feet from the cafe. We stayed and played Mexican Train dominoes until nearly 10. Then back to the cafe for coffee.

From 10:30 to 11:30+ there was a clubhall meeting. Like a townhall meeting but at Cutty’s Camping Club. And just like a town hall meeting, they always seem to end with grumbling and complaining that the board is doing too little or spending too much. Ella went.

However I chose to stay home and make cornbread to go with the navy beans cooking in the crockpot.

While attempting to sweep up more maple seeds faster than they fell, I discovered that the sealant on an exterior slideroom wall we bio longer doing it’s job. Knowing that more rain was coming, I made a run to the hardware tho purchase sealant. I wanted white but black it’s what they had.

So black is what I got. I managed to get it applied before the next round of rain hit. I didn’t have time to make it nice and neat. And it differently didn’t have time to cure. But I hope it works.

I had a hankerin’ for pancakes for supper..

We have a nice variety off birds at our feeders. I wish I could capture photos of all off them.



Follow this link if you’d like to help with recovery from the fire at Cross Tracks Church, a United Methodist Community.


God bless and g’nite

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